Alma Group (BNK Financial Group) 


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Alma Group (BNK Financial Group) 

Мы представляем корейскую финансовую группу BNK Financial Group, которая входит на рынок Казахстана.

Established as the first financial holding company based on region on March 2011, BNK Financial Group has become a representative financial group of South Korea.

4 core businesses of BNK Financial Group: WM, CIB, Global,Digital

To create synergy in the asset mangement sector, CIB will find competitive product in the capital market and global will find competitive product abroad, while WM sector will strengthen channels and services, and digitalize a comprehensive living-based financial service platform to cultivate customers' economic happiness.

By actively fulfilling itegrity management and ethical management that prioritize on customers' benefits and expanding its investments into fostering finance professionals that become the bases of differentiated finincial services, BNK Financial Group will develop invisible assets.